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Mission Statement:

Dedicated to improving the health of the public by advancing the art and science of Periodontology
and Implant Dentistry through professional education, collaboration and advocacy. 


On May 23, 1961, sixteen dentists, with dental practices limited to periodontics, met in Miami Beach, Florida. A preliminary discussion was held with each giving their ideas as to the advisability of organizing and to the aims and purposes of such an organization. The Florida Society of Periodontists was formed that day and Dr. Richard Chace was elected to serve as the first President (Chairman).

The charter members were:

Drs. Frank Scott, Harold Pattishall, Norman Becker, Ray Spyres, Art Green, Mavin Rosenberg, Morthon Rosenbluth, Blair Madsen, Jack Whitman, Richard Chace, Clinton Rehnke, Ken Langley, James Tobias, Jack Mishkin, Charles Hall and Hal Rhea.

The next meeting of these esteemed professionals was held in Orlando where the constitution and by-laws were adopted. Also, each member there was asked to present a case for group discussion as part of the program. The feeling among those present was the meeting should be a place for study and discussion of mutual problems, not for social activities.

Today, the Florida Association of Periodontists (FAP) has over 265 members and continues to have two continuing education meetings each year, the winter meeting in February and the summer meeting in August. The meetings are usually held in Tampa or Orlando and are supported by various exhibitors and sponsors.

The FAP Executive Council consists of six officers. They meet in conjunction with the two general meetings and throughout the year via conference call. This is a select group chosen by FAP membership and the also serve in different capacities in organized dentistry, dental study clubs and within academia.

FAP members are represented at the national level (American Academy of Periodontology) by elected trustees. The FAP proudly has two members serving in this capacity for District Three.

The Florida Association of Periodontists continues to grow and is active within state and national issues involving the laws and rules of dentistry and the overall well-being of patients.